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How TikTok Gave Jitters To Other Social Media Giants

TikTok is the talk of the town for a while due to the unprecedented it has gained. Today, this is the most sought after platform by brands and marketers ahead of Facebook or Instagram. This is because of its impressive and consistently growing user base. Marketers and businesses will only go with a platform or channel through which they could reach a huge mass of audience. This is the main reason behind brands switching to social media platforms from televisions as a large number of Millennials and Generation Z started to spend most of their time on social platforms. Thus, when it comes to social media many brands resorted to the platform that had a huge user base. Therefore, it is Facebook that was the choice of everyone which had a sharp rise in its user base till a few years ago until TikTok made its advent. To be more precise, marketers had no other choice rather than relying on Facebook to promote their brand.

The Inception Of TikTok:

When TikTok was rolled-out in 2016, none expected that it would gain such a huge userbase in a short span of time. As soon as it was made available in the play store, the number of downloads of TikTok increased globally across all the countries. Rather than having a strong userbase in a particular region or country, its userbase increased at the same level in all the countries. This has left the social media giants in awe especially Facebook.  In 2019, TikTok was the most downloaded platform on the App Store. TikTok has many more achievements to its credit making it the fastest growing social platform. In 4 years, TikTok has marked milestones making it the inevitable platform for marketers.

TikTok Outpacing Facebook:

Facebook also had no considerable increase in its userbase. On the other hand, TikTok managed to garner the attention of many people as its user count increased consistently. Today TikTok has around 800 million active users globally. Millennials and Generation Z form the major age group of TikTok. All these factors have made marketers and businesses to make their entry into TikTok and buy tiktok likes to elevate their reach. However, some marketers still feel that Facebook is their opt platform due to its diverse nature. But, if the growth of TikTok continues at the same pace, it will get that crown from Facebook and become the most diverse social platform in the next few years.

Today TikTok is the most used social platform across all the economic superpower countries. Though the USA has laid many hurdles on its way, TikTok enjoys most users globally in the USA next to India. Both countries are consumer superpowers where retail and e-commerce businesses thrive easily. The staggering growth of this short video platform will prompt all such firms in these countries to go with TikTok, which eventually monetize this platform and make it more e-commerce friendly. As the retail industries in these countries bloom and grow easily they will always look out for ways to increase their presence. Hence, these firms are ready to pump-in a huge sum of cash on TikTok to maximize their presence and to reach a large number of people at ease by making use of Trollishly tiktok likes.

One of the vital reasons behind brands going with TikTok is that the social platform is filled with teenagers who buy tiktok followers and spend most of their time here. Even if they are not their target audience, some brands that have Millennials or mid-age people as their target audience tend to make their presence on TikTok. The intention behind this is that all these teenagers will be in their mid-twenties in the next to 5-10 years. As most probably the competition will be high and there will be many newcomers at that time, brands are looking to earn a good reputation for them among these teenagers far before which they feel that this strategy will benefit them in the long run.


All these statistics and data throws light on the place TikTok will attain in the coming years. Since many marketers feel and have stated  that they are having less organic reach and conversion rates on Facebook, all these factors altogether have made TikTok, a crucial platform for brands. Hence, to keep up with its sustaining user base and to stop its users from falling to TikTok, Facebook and other social giants should come up with new strategies to retain their losers.

Annette Hughes

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