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How TikTok Is Taking Over Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok revolutionizes the relationship between the music industry and social media by providing and promoting new paths that any artist can take to march towards popularity. The simplicity of the application makes it suitable for users of all age groups, and it offers incredible creative freedom to the users. Even budding artists around the world have monetized by exhibiting their talents on the platform. If the artists choose to fan-favorite tracks and implement them in a funny video, it gets more trending among the users. Also, if a challenge or a dance move collaborates with a hit song, the trend is picked up broadly and thereby enhancing the fame of the creator and helping them buy TikTok views

The digital communities across the world are utilizing social platforms to their best to reach their target audience. The entrepreneurs and tech-savvy teens have experimented enough with the new trends. Also, application developers are consistently launching new apps with the expectation of creating social hype. TikTok certainly dominated the social market and served the unimagined entertaining features.

The combined contribution of the “feed” and video media enables TikTok to evolve as a dense information platform. The “feed” allows social media users to gather more information in a minimum time limit than television. It is enough to spend a few hours on TikTok to understand its work function. At the same time, other media slow down in their transparency and versatility. Bright lights and intense music are prominent features that attract a younger audience, and with no surprise, TikTok evolved as a compelling social media platform.   

TikTok is a video sharing platform founded by Zhang Yiming. With its evolution and consistent expansion, TikTok is presently available in a hundred and fifty markets. India is leading in TikTok’s usage with more than a hundred million followers. TikTok is a seamless platform for entertainment. When the app was first downloaded and used, it showcases a set of hilarious videos. It was observed that the users were more curious about recreating videos based on sound clips from cultural events and movies.

TikTok collaborated with Musical.ly, which persisted as a popular app among the teens enabling the users to record their lip-syncing videos to their favorite songs. TikTok emerged as a positive modification to musical.ly by redesigning and rebranding the app with new features. At the beginning stage, users expressed themselves only through dancing, singing, fun, and lip-syncing videos. The functioning of TikTok is much similar to that of Vine or Snapchat. The users can create short videos of around fifteen seconds and share them with their community.    

It is obvious that the majority of teens spend most of their time using technology. TikTok supports vertical orientation that is more feasible for smartphones, so they can create videos wherever they go and find a little spare time. As per the TikTok algorithm “friend,” it is guaranteed that even the first time creator is assured of gaining few views. While in other social platforms such as “Twitter,” the user needs to post more times to get significant likes because the platform prioritizes the “follower” networks in understanding what people wish to see.

TikTok promotes equality compared to other social networks. The “For You Page” provides equal space for most trending TikToks and also good videos that gather only view views. TikTok is the best platform for young people who weirdly feel disconnected from the circle, and they gather a significant amount of attention. Most of the social media platforms adhere to the fixed meme format, which includes text or image. But TikTok memes are versatile encompassing dances and remixes, enabling users to edit the text or image created by other users. Embodied memes are the crucial aspect of TikTok as the remixed content is the main component, and the user behavior changes according to the meme format.

TikTok usually rewards the creators to a great extent compared to other social media platforms. In TikTok, the users can effectively combine sounds to give a personalized touch to their videos. TikTok offers the user a vast and unique music library. TikTok is a handpicked platform that combines the benefits of various other social platforms. The younger audiences are evolving as trendsetters and are much interested in content creation than merely observing and sharing comments. TikTok is a potential outlet to pursue genuine creativity, embracing them and fueling their creative abilities.

Annette Hughes

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