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Ultimate Guide To Make IGTV Videos For Creators In 2021

Today, videos work among the global people, where Instagram is the perfect social media platform for marketing and advertising. Therefore, Instagram as a favorite social media platform proves to be getting bigger on videos by initiating IGTV. This article will discuss everything about the marketing videos you need to know on IGTV.


Instagram stories are made of instant short-form videos. You can buy Instagram story views to uplift your fame effortlessly. As a new feature, IGTV video works as one of the best features for posting videos and images. IGTV targets long-form video clips to publish. The platform provides creators, brands, and publishers the chance to share videos 10 minutes longer or an hour longer videos for its verified user. However, users identify IGTV through the explore section, using a particular profile or tapping on the IGTV button at the top of their feed. Initially, IGTV was made for viewing videos on mobile devices with vertical videos. After you complete watching the video, another video will automatically play, which can be an addiction. But now, the Instagram strategy changed the video format both for vertical and horizontal videos on IGTV. Videos posted on IGTV are well-planned and edited with the spontaneous feature, you can also see similar Instagram stories. Several influencers and creators use their smartphones with an editing app to make engaging videos.

Features About IGTV

Meanwhile, it took time for brands, publishers, and influencers to acquire IGTV, and slowly becoming popular for both audiences and creators. An IGTV channel is a perfect method to develop your audience and build engagement factors when worked effectively. Instagram is driving its new platform by offering IGTV videos as a more prominent spot on the Explore page than images and advertising IGTV video clips in the regular feed. It is also offering ads out on IGTV, wishing to motivate the users to follow the platform.

Now, talking about stories, IGTV provides a video series. It lets creators share ongoing video episodes by making audiences subscribe to their favorite series. Also, it serves as an extraordinary method for brands to make true value for their viewers. Amusing with valuable content means the world connects with loyalty. Another advantage of IGTV is the chance to include links to every video description. A real clickable link lands the user out of the Instagram or IGTV app.

Effective Ideas Of IGTV Videos

1. Tutorials & How-To’s: Today, audiences wish to know new things, where they often become attracted to videos that display something new. Starting from a makeup tutorial to a professional how-to, you can discover your expertise and share it with the world.

2. Q&As: It’s a great method to make brilliant use of your different social media platforms. Use the Questions feature on stories and explain your viewers to prompt them anything. Then make a reply video of your fan’s questions and share it on IGTV.

3. Interview: You can either schedule virtual or real interviews with relevant field personalities. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you can host a traveler for ideas or tips. If you are publishing parenting content ideas, how about interviewing your dad.

4. Unboxing: The unboxing trend doesn’t seem to fade away, yet it’s also growing. It creates a sense as everyone can connect that relevant feeling of eagerness.

5. A Day In Life: If your brand or an individual content creator, get closer with your audience by offering them a sneak peek of your regular life. You can also show some behind-the-scenes of your business, daily routine, or how the product is made.

Tips & Tricks To Make IGTV Videos

1. Position Matters: IGTV lets video be landscape or horizontal; every position has it on and off, where you can review before making your video. A vertical video makes it simple to go before and create professional videos using your phone, and it’s ideal for a mobile experience.

2. Promote Everywhere: There are different methods to advertise your IGTV videos after posting. Initially, it is suggested to share a one-minute preview of your IGTV video for your Instagram feed; hence it will exist on your Instagram profile. Also, you can share the post on your Story feed as you perform on regular posts.


This article discussed everything about the IGTV features, tips, and tricks, along with the effective strategies to create your videos. As a content marketer, you can achieve success for your business profile to gain more profit.

Annette Hughes

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