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8 Instagram Marketing Hacks To Promote Your Online Business

Today, Instagram as a social media platform works on marketing channels for brands and businesses. Moreover, Instagram serves as the perfect platform for e-commerce businesses with visually-focused content among followers. To increase your stardom, try out free Instagram followers services.  In this article, we’ll outline everything about Instagram marketing hacks. It includes how to optimize your profile, create high-engaging posts, gain more results from feeds and stories, and how to check your progress. 

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a leading platform for several small-scale businesses for marketing ad campaigns.

  • 80% of users discover brands on Instagram during their shopping time. However, 60% of users identify new services or products through the platform.

  • Audiences follow brands on Instagram, and they are actively finding and buying products, which is a big win.

8 Hacks To Promote Your Online Business

1. Effective Images & Videos

If you wish to receive the best results on Instagram, you should understand content styles that perform effectively. In terms of Instagram posts, content needs to look pretty. You can look at promotional posts, motivational quotes, DIY, product photos, or tutorial content. Recently, on Instagram, videos share more details among users, making your post valuable. Generally, 36% of high-quality images receive more engagement rates on average. Therefore, create your Instagram video short, where most of them are mobile users.

Make use of different camera effects like a boomerang for every single post. In this way, the style of images and videos can look attractive. Instagram is, after all, a visual-focussed platform.

2. Work On Hashtags

Hashtags works on Twitter and Facebook, as it is the best Instagram marketing feature. You can start to include phrases along with the #symbol for the Instagram captions, bio-data, or stories, where you can change any phrase or word into a tappable niche. While users click posts tagged with the hashtags, it moves to public posts. Users can stick to hashtags that interest them more. It offers them bulk content using hashtags.

Instagram’s hashtags are an ideal method for users to identify what they are interested in that supports your brands to expand their reach.

Six different types of hashtags:

  • Branded hashtags
  • Generic hashtags
  • Contest hashtags
  • Timely hashtags
  • Niche-specific hashtags
  • Entertaining hashtags

3. Share UGC From Audience

You can use Instagram stories to display user-generated content, which is always a crowd entertainer. UGC will help you gain more Instagram followers, where the audience likes to check your post. It supports you to post yourself and act as a strong social media marketer.

4. Sharing Feedbacks

Instagram stories can also support you to get UGC, which can happen in different methods. But you can place calls-to-action(CTA) for users to share pictures of their recent purchases. You can also use poll stickers to receive feedback and produce an immediate social presence.

5. Extend Highlights

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours as a Snapchat feature. Highlights exist on the profile page, where we can include stories to them after their 24 hours. You can make multiple highlights for the best effect, using UGC, storytelling, events.

6. Run Instagram Contest

Before running your Instagram contest, it’s perfect to work on quick rules. Instagram contests are specifically popular methods on social media platforms. Every contest offers its unique advantage, and several brands will combine contest concepts for maximized results and ROI.

There are different types of contests that you can perform on Instagram.

  • Tag people in the comments
  • Follow us
  • Leave a comment 
  • Conduct photo contests

7. Instagram Analytics

Instagram has its local analytic tools that can produce details about your platform’s performance. Analytics works on Instagram for business processes. To use your analytics, go to your profile page and then click on the top right-hand corner. Some of the essential Instagram analytic metrics are the following:

  • Total number of website clicks
  • Total number of profile visits
  • Total reach
  • Total number of views for your stories
  • Total impressions. 

8. Use Product Tags

Instagram lets your product add tags or stickers, where it is available for business profiles. It allows users to click your product either on post or story. Also, Instagram makes your business profile reach faster to everyone by employing product tags. These product tags are perfect for marketers with the increasing chance that they will change as Instagram’s long-time audiences.

Wrap-Up Points

As a final point, Instagram marketing hacks help to promote your business online. You can use the above eight Instagram marketing tricks to improve your brand to a higher level.

Annette Hughes

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